How We Work

you are always knektd from start to finish

At Knektd we are immensely proud of the intense process which is integral to every project that we work on. Through our methodology of continuous improvement we always aim to improve our process and hence the quality of the products and services that we provide.

the process

initial consultation

Our Initial consultation period is an informal meeting or series of meetings during which we discuss the outlines of a potential system. Typically we may discuss ideas, possibilities, technical requirements, physical constraints and most importantly your desired outcome for your finished system.



Using the ideas and principles discussed and documented during the consultation, Knektd will create a system concept design. The documentation designed during this stage is intended to introduce the team to the fundamentals of our proposed automated system. Every system that Knektd builds is carefully and thoroughly thought out by our design team. No detail is overlooked, from macro control schematics to the engraving of lighting keypads is given our full attention.

the build

Once the design stage is complete and agreed the off-site build process can begin. Whilst other contractors are busy on site, our rack building team commission, build and test our equipment racks in our dedicated workshop in Chelsea. Off-site builds enable us to isolate and eliminate equipment and cable faults prior to the system being installed on-site, meaning that every element of your home technology is ready to go as soon as it enters the building.

Off-Site Programing

Each Knektd project is assigned one of our highly trained in-house software programmers. A project programmer will work alongside the build team in our workshop to write the software which will control the system that is being built. Every element of the programming is subject to rigorous and advanced testing and quality control.


Once we have fully completed the off site build process and tested the system and software extensively we arrange for the equipment racks to be installed on-site, given the project is ready to receive them. The on-site installation procedure is carried out and overseen by the project team on the respective site.


Upon completion every Knektd project is formally handed over to our client or one of their representatives. During this process tuition is offered on the operation and maintenance of the completed system. A detailed operations and maintenance manual is also left with the client for future reference. Your journey with Knektd does not end at the system handover. Knektd offers the very finest on-going support and care for our completed systems.

who we work with